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*Updated with Skeltun Cruiser and Korhal Fighter!

The Space Combat Kit is a 100% Blueprint mini-game/starter kit to make your own space combat game.

Included is a fighter - the Hawk - both the mesh and pilotable Blueprint with 6 degrees of freedom, and with combat AI that has avoidance to fly them. Fighters can make use of a variety of modular weapons - animated cannons, miniguns, missile launchers and torpedoes.

To spawn your fighters, there is also the Firelance Capital Cruiser. The Firelance's animated hangars can serve as respawn zones for fighters. Capital ships can have their flight paths pre-made with the Spline Follower Component and a Spline Path (so can any other actor!) or you can take control of them directly.

To defend your Capital's, there's 3 included turrets with 4 AI modes - Anti-Fighter, Anti-Capital, Anti-All, and ParentControlled.

Spawn hundreds of destructible asteroids efficiently with the Instanced Destructible Asteroid Generator.

Asteroids are also optional in the SpaceScape skybox - compatible with SpaceScape to make your own free backgrounds. 4 included.

Note: This project makes use of P_Explosion from the Starter Content for weapon and ship explosions. This particle can be replaced with your own custom particles.

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Technical Details

Technical Specifications:


Feature List:

Firelance Capital Cruiser - Pilotable or custom spline flight paths

Hawk Fighter - 6DoF flight

Fighter & Capital AI with avoidance

Korhal Figher & Skeltun Cruiser

Spline Follower Component

3 Animated Turrets with 4 AI Styles

4 Animated Weapons

4 SpaceScapes

3 Asteroids /w 2 mats

Modular Weapons and Cockpit

Example Game Mode

Number of Blueprints: 39

Input Mappings: Gamepad, Mouse and Keyboard Preconfigured

Network Replicated: Yes

All Blueprints are replicated but no server browser is included.

Intended Platforms:


Platforms Tested:



Additional Notes:

This project makes use of P_Explosion from the starter content for weapon and ship explosions.

This project does not include LoD settings by default for meshes or particles, as the meshes are low poly. The in-editor LoD system can create LoD's if desired.

Important Additional Notes:

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