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A community where you can get any help to create your dream game. Download game resources for free, only for personal study.

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Thank you for joining our large Game Assets community.

If you come to us, then you need Unity and Unreal Engine game assets or help with game development.

We will help you!

What will you find?

Here you can download more than 6000 game assets Unity and Unreal Engine. Every month we add more than 300 new assets.

All assets are available for free!

The asset can only be used for personal and educational purposes!

How to free download assets?

[1] Choose Asset - To get started, choose the asset you need. You can search on the official resources of Unity and Unreal Engine.

[2] Check Asset - Check if there is an asset on our website.

[3] Download Asset - Just click on the button and download your asset!

[4] Enjoy your game! - Use the downloaded assets in your training projects. If you like the asset, do not forget to support the author in the official store.

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How can I thank you?

We provide free assets to everyone in need and do not ask for money in return.

Our service is completely free for you. But for us this is a lot of expenses that we cover from our pockets.

Therefore, we give you the opportunity to support us using the "Donate" button. All the money raised will go to improve the service, load assets even faster, expand the list of supported systems.

You can donate both through cryptocurrency. The selection is below.

Thanks you! We work only thanks to your support.

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    Use cryptocurrency to donate. All popular cryptocurrencies are available.

    Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin.

    If you have problems with payment, then try disabling adblock.

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