You Ask — We Tell

  • Where do we get the assets from?

    All assets are bought in official stores thanks to your subscriptions. Also, some users send their assets.

  • Why are we sharing part of the assets for free?

    We believe that indie game developers should be able to try their hand at various directions. Buying assets for many is impossible, so we give people the opportunity to try assets for free before buying in the official store.

  • Can I find you on social networks?

    Yes. All relevant links can be found on this page. Join our large community!

  • Why did you introduce a paid subscription?

    Unfortunately, we cannot open access to our entire asset base for free.

    Every month we replenish our asset base with more than 300 assets! It costs money and thanks to the introduction of a paid subscription, we will be able to maintain and develop our project.

  • How can I thank you?

    You can subscribe and get even more useful assets and useful training materials! If you want to support us financially, you can sub here.