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This tool is using edited default and diffused unity shaders with option to apply custom color on top of your sprites.
It's a tool that will make your sprites flash with custom color.

🔀 Features:
 Flash in Edit Mode (You can flash the sprite in edit mode which will save you a lot of time).
 Preview mode (See how applied color actually looks on your sprite in edit mode).
 Color Presets (Save colors that you often use).
 Multiple Sprites (If your character is made of multiple parts you can include those parts to be flashed simultaneously).
 Duration (How long the color will be applied on sprite).
 Amount (Applied color transparency).
 Decrease Amount Over Time (gradually decrease amount of flashed color based on duration).
 Select Material (Default, Diffused).

🔂Update v1.2
★ Multiple sprites feature improved:
★ Each Sprite part can be setup with it's own (Flash Color, Flash Amount, Duration, Material...)
★ Sprite parts array is Reorderable now for easier navigation.
★ Added button to flash specific Sprite part.
★ Added button to Flash all Sprite parts.
★ FlashAll() method added.
★ FlashPart() method added (You can flash specific part only that has it's own settings)
Sprite Flash Tool v1.2 Overview

🔂Update v1.1.3
★ Prefab missing material fixed.
★ Flash while in preview mode will now disable preview mode.

🔂Update v1.1
★ Multiple sprites feature added (If your character is made of multiple parts you can additionally include those parts in a list and they will behave exactly the same as main sprite)
★ Invoking Flash() while GameObject is disabled will not throw an error any more.
★ Setting Duration value below 0 problem fixed.
★ Preview Mode: blue component background color is now disabled, and there is only help box notification on top of the component.

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