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- Generating high quality sprites from 3d animations.
- Generating sprites for both 2d & 2.5d games.
- Very high performance 2.5d RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) system.
- Very simple & useful new animation system.
- Simple class design. Easy to inherit.
- Included source codes.
- Included documents, many tutorial videos.
- Support fast.


Generating high quality sprites from 3d animations:
惻Included shadows(real & fake). You can set shadow colour & alpha.
惻Character color is changeable! (with minimum resources).
惻Generate all animations of a character by one click.
惻Auto applying sprite pivot, sprite packing tag. Auto applying sprites to character prefabs.
惻Support multi directions.
惻Support generating Unity Animation Clips from generated 2d sprites.

Very high performance 2.5d RTS (Real-Time-Strategy) system:
惻Zero GC Alloc (0 byte / frame), for playing game smoothly.
惻Use the best suitable sort-algorithm for sorting sprite-renderer orders to improve performance.
惻Use only a manager to update all other game objects to improve performance for hundreds objects.
惻Use Cache Manager to re-use game objects, avoid instantiating & destroying.
惻Use build-in navigation system.
惻Simple AI to control character states (idle / move / attack).
惻Self sprite-animation-system for controlling everything with accuracy up to 0.01 second.
惻Auto resolve traffic-jam problem of navigation system.
惻Support moving character (troops), static characters (buildings).
惻Support melee attack, target range attack, area attack.


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