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Smart Lighting 2D is versatile and powerful tool to light up 2D scenes.

‚óŹ Flawless Customer Support (Unity 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021)
‚óŹ Mobile Friendly (Great performance on Android & iOS devices)
‚óŹ No GC calls after initialization (Great memory management)
‚óŹ Cross-platform (Switch / iOS / Android / WebGL / Windows / PS4 / Xbox)
‚󏬆Shader Graph¬†Support
‚󏬆Universal Rendering Pipeline¬†Support
‚󏬆Lightweight Render Pipeline¬†Support
‚󏬆Rectangle¬†Tilemap Support (2018.1 or higher)
‚󏬆Hexagon¬†Tilemap Support (2018.2 or higher)
‚󏬆Isometic¬†Tilemap Support (2018.3 or higher)
‚󏬆Super Tilemap Editor¬†Support (2018.1 or higher)
‚óŹ Internal¬†Normal Map¬†Support
‚óŹ Light effect for¬†Particle System
‚óŹ Fog of War
‚óŹ Day & Night Cycle
‚óŹ Sprite Based Lights
‚óŹ Event Handling (how much lit the object is)
‚óŹ User friendly layers system (custom light logics)
‚óŹ Day Lighting shadows
‚óŹ Plenty of lighting settings you can change in real time (e.g. darkness level)
‚óŹ 10 Demo scenes

Shadow Casters
‚󏬆Sprite Custom Physics Shape
‚óŹ CompositeCollider2D
‚óŹ PolygonCollider2D
‚óŹ EdgeCollider2D
‚óŹ BoxCollider2D
‚óŹ CircleCollider2D
‚óŹ CapsuleCollider2D
‚óŹ Mesh Collider
‚óŹ Box Collider
‚óŹ Sphere Collider
‚óŹ CapsuleCollider
‚óŹ Mesh Renderer
‚óŹ Skinned Mesh Renderer
‚óŹ Tilemap Grid
‚óŹ Tilemap¬†Sprite Custom Physics Shape

‚óŹ DayLightCollider2D
‚óŹ DayLightTilemapCollider2D
‚óŹ Light2D
‚óŹ LightMesh2D
‚óŹ LightCollider2D
‚óŹ LightTilemapCollider2D
‚óŹ LightSprite2D
‚óŹ LightTexture2D
‚óŹ LightParticleSystem2D
‚óŹ LightRoom2D
‚óŹ LightTilemapRoom2D
‚óŹ LightOcclusion2D
‚óŹ LightTilemapOcclusion2D
‚óŹ LightCycle
‚óŹ LightBlink
‚óŹ LightFlicker
‚óŹ FogOfWarSprite
‚óŹ FogOfWarTilemap
‚óŹ LightingManager2D


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  • 2020.1.1
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