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A feature-complete and easy to use Navigation System for flying AI agents. With full 3D pathfinding capability, this plugin is perfect for building advanced flying AI that can intelligently navigate under bridges, around cities and through epic space battles. This plugin is capable of pathfinding in large worlds, as processing time is concentrated in detailed areas. With multithreaded building and asynchronous pathfinding support, your flying AI needn't break the frame budget. The deep integration into the existing navigation system will get you up and running in no time.

The Flying Navigation System does not interfere with the default NavWalking navigation system, which can be used at the same time.

Update Log:

1.0.14 (December 15th)

Fixed issue with hang on invalid path query, and sync issue with overridden node locations.

1.0.13 (November 29th)

UE 5.1 Support

Fixed EndPlay hang bug when aborting async queries.

Fixed sync issues with FSVOGenerator::Cancel() and FSVOGenerator::CollateRasterData().

Added option to limit the number of pathfinding iterations.

1.0.12 (June 9th)

Added Smooth Path option to Pathfinding Query Settings. Alternative to Smooth Path node.

Merged UE5 version features into UE4 compatible plugin version.

1.0.11 (May 30th)

Fixed issue with dedicated Linux Server

Included more detailed debug messages

1.0.10 (April 21st)

UE5 Support. Uses double precision floats for LWC compatibility.

1.0.9 (Requires 4.26+) (March 7th)

More robust geometry gathering on multiple threads

Fixed lazy geometry gathering on landscapes

Exclusive bounds volumes support

1.0.8 (January 6th)

Catmull-Rom Spline Path Smoothing using the Smooth Path node.

Extra PathfindingResult options for debugging

Fix crash related to garbage collection

1.0.7 (August 8th):

UE5 support (just change the uplugin version) (NOTE: very experimental, has issues with World Partition)

Better debug paths drawing (doesn't clear user debug drawing)

Fixed crash caused by the Lazy Theta* pathfinding algorithm

1.0.6 (July 20th):

Added SetNavigationPathNodes BP node to allow path post-processing in blueprints

Async functions now always finish, even if passed invalid data. The result can be checked with the GetPathfindingResult node.

1.0.5 (July 5th):

Extended CPU Multithreading to support >8 threads

1.0.4 (June 29th):

Moved AllowPartialPaths checkbox to QuerySettings

Added GetPathfindingResult node for more info on fail states

1.0.3 (April 18th):

Added AllowPartialPaths checkbox to blueprint nodes

Fixed crash caused by empty path

1.0.2 (April 8th):

Fixed crash related to the Environment Query System

1.0.1 (March 24th):

Updated Logo

Added more debug log warnings

Added support for World Origin Rebasing

1.0 (March 19th):

Initial Release

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Technical Details


  • Full 3D Pathfinding capability for flying AI using an octree structure
  • 3 Pathfinding algorithms (A*, Lazy Theta* and Theta*) with various optimisation options
  • Multithreaded octree generation (up to 8 threads)
  • Compatible with Behaviour Trees and the MoveToLocation blueprint node
  • Allows for agents with a large radius
  • Compact memory format
  • Supports procedural levels
  • Accessible Blueprint and C++ API for runtime building and custom querying
  • Fast debug drawing
  • Fast testing of accessible paths (precomputed connectivity)
  • Fast raycasting against octree structure

Code Modules:

  • FlyingNavSystem (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: N/A

Number of C++ Classes: 14

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux

Documentation: Link

Example Project: GitHub Link

Important/Additional Notes:

Before buying, please see here for the current limitations of this plugin.

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