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This package contains all 7 volumes of Real Materials series with much better price per item:

  1. Wood
  2. Rust & grunge
  3. Steel & iron
  4. Precious metals
  5. Copper & brass
  6. Aluminum
  7. Zinc-plated

Plus there is a bonus - 14 materials for buildings (brickwork and a bit of concrete/plaster/stonework/granite/paint).

Summary there are 62 metal and 26 non-metal materials.

Technical Details


  • Reduced texture repetition for typical usage scenarios (20x20m area to cover) for majority of materials.

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances: two master and 88 instances.

Number of Textures: 256

Texture Resolutions: 85% are in 4K, rest in 1K / 2K or even 8K.

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: Real Materials FAQ plus official support thread .

Additional Notes:

  • Texture "T_skydome_canary_wharf_D" (skybox in demos for metals) taken from Poly Haven under CC0 license.
  • Mesh "SM_Metal_mat_dummy_armor" (knight armor in demos for metals) taken from Blend Swap under CC0.
  • Texture "T_skydome_Phalzer_forest_D" (skybox in non-metal demos) taken from Poly Haven under CCO.
  • When installing several packs of the "Real Materials" series into one project use the option "Replace" if prompted about replacing existing files.

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