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📌 Issues Finder ▶ tutorial

Searches your project for different issues like missing scripts, missing references, duplicate components, invalid layers, and much more. Allows getting rid of some found issues with automatic fixes.

📌 References Finder

Finds references in two scopes: project assets and hierarchy objects.

Project References ▶ tutorial

Allows finding project-wide references to any assets to quickly find out where your material or sound is used.

Hierarchy References ▶ tutorial

Search active scene or prefab for Game Objects and Components references to find out where those objects are used in your scene / prefab and easily navigate through results.

📌 Project Cleaner ▶ tutorial

Looks for the garbage in your project, lets you inspect it and remove unnecessary assets one-by-one or in batch mode.

📌 Overall highlights

Easy to start:

  • detailed User Manual
  • video tutorials

Easy to extend:

  • full API Reference
  • extendable dependencies scanners
  • 🔥 full C# sources included!

Support and updates since 2015 💖

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