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Raymarcher is a complete package of rendering technique called raymarching. Huge and modular package that offers user-friendly tools to create unique scenes full of fractals and organic objects in just a few seconds. The package is ready for Unity 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Official Website β€’ Documentation β€’ Overview β€’ Contact

Join my official Discord server for realtime support.

Example Content

> Fractal Trip[WebGL]

> Primitives[WebGL]

> Cartoon Boy[WebGL]

> Music Trip[Oculus Quest]

> Planet[Oculus Quest]

> Music Reactor [Window-PC]

> Fractal Editor [Window-PC]

... and more examples here .

Official Commercial Product

> Refractor Dilemma <

[iOS - Free]

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Key Features:

- Simple, one-click set up

- Flat, toon & outline rendering

- Advanced lighting

- Advanced shading

- Physically based reflections

- Object morpher & fractals

- Multi-colored material

- Boolean operations [subtraction, intersection]

- Fractals collection

- Global directional light

- Realtime-change support

- VR support

- Oculus Quest support

- Mobile support

- WebGL support

...and more in docs .

Quick FAQ

β€’ Does Raymarcher work with Unity HDRP or URP?

No, Raymarcher is compatible with Built-in RP only.

β€’ Is Raymarcher compatible with Mobiles?

Yes, Raymarcher is compatible with all platforms, however the performance is very important as the Raymarcher is GPU-heavy.

β€’ Does Raymarcher objects receive shadows from regular objects?

No, they don’t as they use another rendering technique in another pass.​

...read more here .​

The package contains modular editor which allows you to fully customize object shapes and their behaviour through loop operations to the fragments and fractals. All tools are ready for Unity beginners, designers and non-programmers.

Upgrade your project to the next level and explore unique functionality with the highest and professional quality.

Please read the official documentation carefully before buying the package, especially the Warningslide. Thank you!

If you have any questions, suggestions or issues, do not hesitate and contact the developer here. (Direct contact may take a while to get a response, so it's better to contact me through Discord)

How to Download Asset

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