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This system allows traversal of larger creatures. It works by having specific Cling objects. These objects can be placed anywhere through the map for your player to climb on, even attached to the bones of a Skeletal Mesh in the blueprints!

Video Preview Playlist

Video Walkthrough (Setup)

Video Walkthrough (Custom Player Setup)

Video Walkthrough (Custom AI Setup)

Example Project

*Update 4.26 - 4.27

  • ADDED - High Quality Climbing Animations
  • ADDED - High Quality Giant Animations
  • ADDED - Upgraded AI Component
  • ADDED - Helper Blueprint Library for ease of access
  • ADDED - Climbing AI functionality
  • ADDED - Upgraded Climbing Component
  • REMOVED - Standing Orientation (removed until stable)
  • REMOVED - Networking (removed until stable)

*Coming Soon

  • Static Climbing - able to dynamically climb any surface (suited for static object like terrain, rocks, buildings, etc)


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Technical Details


  • ClingComponent the houses the climbing logic
  • ThirdPersonCharacter with nodes implemented as an example (ClimbingCharacter)
  • Basic AI to display how to setup ClingObjects on Characters and player
  • Simple Combat and Climbing animations with Blendspace
  • Simple Giant animations and attacks

Number of Blueprints: 10

Input: Any

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Any

Supported Target Build Platforms: 4.20 and up

Documentation: The ClimbingCharacterBP and ClingComponent are both well documented and commented for tweaking and adjustments

Important/Additional Notes:

It seems the Trace Channels I made aren't importing. Go to Project Settings and add these two names to the Trace Channels and set them to ignore.

  • Damageable
  • Clingable

The Clingobjects are set to Clingable and the Damageable is for the damage. A tutorial is in the works showing how to set it up on existing players and AI.

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