Noir Detective Set for Stylized Male and Female

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A Detective set for the Stylized Male and Female and MetaHumans. Includes a modular outfit with trenchcoats, pants, shoes, gloves, shoes, robot head, human hair, hats, and accessories.

Video presentation


Tutorial on how to use a custom character model with a character controller + assembling multiple parts

ALS demo

6 Provided bodytypes : Male (based on the official white plastic Epic mannequin), Female (official white plastic Epic female mannequin), Tall Female (custom proportions), Buff Male (custom proportions), MetaHuman Tall Male Normal Weight, MetaHuman Female Tall Nornmal Weight.

Includes a thirdperson example with character presets. Standalone versions of the characters are included (single skeletal mesh). The bundle includes human heads for the stylized versions.

The helmet was previously a winner in the Warframe Tennogen contest.

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Technical Details

Polygon count for the full outfit : 25057 tris

Textures sizes : 4096, 2048.

The items are colorizable with ID mask tinting. Full color texture maps are also provided.

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes (4.7-style for the stylized characters, 5.0-style for the MetaHuman versions)

Animated: comes with a thirdperson example with custom run and idle animations.

Number of characters: 6 (4 stylized versions + 2 MetaHuman versions)

Target platforms: All

How to use : Import/migrate the contents into the desired project and right-click assign the skeletal mesh to the Epic Mannequin Skeleton, or to the skeletons from the Stylized Male and Female bundle.

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