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Preview: /watch?v=0kQtP9DiNOk
The Melee Tracing Plugin adds a blueprint node(Melee Trace) and C++ Class (MeleeWeapon) used as a base weapon that contains melee tracing functionality. They perform a trace against a character mesh ( instead of the collision cylinder ) So you are given a huge amount of precision over a standard traces. Every parameter of the class and node is exposed and customizeable to your like. Various optimizations have been done so even with a huge amount of traces being done at runtime the performance impact is minimal the system also includes a few extra features that makes the tracing regarding melee combat easier
• New Blueprint node that includes a melee-focused trace with all of the parameters exposed
• C++ Class that serves as a base weapon / template including the same melee tracing but more tailored towards weapon usage
• Every parameter and event is exposed to blueprints for easy customization
• C++ Source included and commented
• Debugging utilities included (Debug Lines to see the traces in realtime and so on )
• Various Optimizations to make sure that even with many traces at realtime the performance impact is minimal
• Traces against the character mesh, not the collision cylinder resulting in a huge degree of precision
• When using the weapon class, it distributes the traces along the weapon blade, you only input how many traces you want to make and the system generates them

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• MeleeTracing(Runtime)

Intended Platform: Windows

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Important/Additional Notes: The assets seen in the screenshots are NOT included with the plugin

No MODELS or ANIMATIONS are included with the plugin ONLY the functionality (C++ Class and Blueprint Node)

Example 4.12 Project:!61JV3DrB!vZRjjQHLPLkKor60hIroUNqrCB1sfOoVqoGZK4xjdOs

Example 4.13 Project:!ekAwkR4B!rNjQfWBAzsjckpCZRgZfM0Edj8M-0EwruGeFKUjq61s

Example 4.14 Project:!p0ExmaTL!jHjg-MPNgQtQaJ_Ukogm88OCpdoovxAj9qWwS8DhOJI

Example Project 4.16:

Example Project 4.18 > 4.21:


Did various optimizations to the tracing process, Removed old pawn iterator

Removed distance check from the melee tracing node

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