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Plugin adds possibility to create sticky notes in Blueprints. Handy when you want to write more detailed informations as TODOs, issues or descriptions. Regular blueprint comments are great for small amount of text but when you want to write something complex they broke blueprint visibility. What's cool about notes is that they won't break your Blueprints even if someone from your team doesn't have the plugin.


Level Notes Showcase

Global Notes Showcase

How to add new note:

  • Right click on Blueprint you are editing,
  • In search: Add Sticky Note,

How to customize notes:

  • Go to project settings,
  • Scroll down,
  • Select Sticky Notes in Blueprint Note category,
  • You can change: title font size, title color, shadow color, shadow offset, content color, content background color, content font size, content padding and border color,

How to add Level Note (4.27 with 1.4 update)

  • Open your level,
  • Using Place Actors place Sticky Level Note,

1.1 Update:

  • Added possibility to find notes in Find In Blueprints,

1.2 Update:

  • Added possibility to customize each note separately,

1.3 Update:

  • Added tracking options: priority, status, tags,
  • Added Blueprint Note Viewer for searching / filtering the notes,

1.4 Update: (4.27 only)

NEW Sticky Level Notes


  • Ability to add sticky notes to your maps,
  • As the Blueprints Notes, they won't break your project. They are not saved in the level as they are stored as JSON files separately,
  • Note visible in editor and/or in-game editor,
  • Customizable like Blueprint Sticky Notes,
  • Beams,
  • Pointing things in editor,
  • Notes are added to level layers for easier filtering,
  • Core: Duplicate Note,
  • Core: Duplicate note using ALT + move,
  • Core: Copy/Paste to the same level and another level,
  • Core: Map Rename when the level is opened in the editor,
  • Core: Map Rename when the level is not opened in the editor,

1.5 Update: (4.27 only)

  • Level Notes visible in Blueprint Note Viewer,
  • Ability to add level notes during gameplay,

1.6 Update (4.27 only)

NEW Global Notes

  • Ability to create global notes, can be used like notepad,
  • Change font size, color, bg color, shadow offset and color,
  • Defaults can be changed in plugin settings,

Update Roadmap

- 1.7: Material Notes support.

If you have any feature request just let me know!

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Technical Details


  • Add notes to blueprints,
  • Copy / Paste,
  • Scroll bar,
  • Zoom,
  • Customize look,
  • Note viewer for searching / filtering the notes,
  • Tracking options: priority, status and tags,

Code Modules:

  • BlueprintNoteEditor (EditorMode)
  • BlueprintNoteRuntime (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 0,

Number of C++ Classes: 18

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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