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Easy way to read,create and manipulate JSON in Blueprints. It fits very well to my other plugins. You can transfer files with JSON using the built-in Base64 functions.

I don't like special sales. My prices are low all year round.

Nativization may cause problems and should be disabled in BPs that use this plugin.

Changelog(4.18, 4.19, 4.20)

  • (09/25/2018) Version 1.7: Bugfix in Make Json Object. There was a bug when a value was an array.
  • (11/07/2018) Version 1.8: Bugfix: Old values were not deleted when used after an custom event.

Changelog(4.25, 4.26, 4.27)

  • (03/18/2021) Version 2.0: Struct to JSON, JSON to Struct.
  • (07/23/2021) Version 2.1: Bugfix: Self-created Enum's in Struct's were not recognized.
  • (09/11/2021) Version 2.2: Added bool (successful) to indicate if parsing worked.
  • (12/01/2021) Version 2.3: Bugfix: In packed Windows builds the variable names in the structures were changed which led to wrong names in JSON.
  • (12/08/2021) Version 2.4: Compression added. Zlib, LZ4 and Gzip (4.26 minimum).
  • (01/06/2022) Version 2.5: Bugfix: The same as version 2.3.
  • (03/28/2022) Version 2.6: Maps in structures are now saved as Json objects by default. Can be changed back to arrays with the function "setStructJsonSettings".
  • (08/18/2022) Version 2.7: Four asynchronous functions added.
  • (11/27/2022) Version 2.8: Four file functions added.

Technical Details

Epic only allows updates for the newest three engine versions. There might be features missing in older engine versions. Contact me if you are unsure.

  • Create JSON Strings
  • Read JSON Strings to Arrays and Maps
  • Manipulate JSON Strings
  • Struct to JSON, JSON to Struct
  • Easy to use. 4 Main Nodes and few optional Nodes.
  • Compatible with UE Maps, Variables and Arrays
  • Supported Types : Bool, String, Number(double), Object, Arrays
  • File transfer. (Base64 encode/decode)
  • Compression*² (Zlib, Gzip, LZ4)
  • Save JSON to File and read JSON from File
  • Async Functions
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support: (ENG,GER)

*¹ Object references are not supported. See Documentation. At least UE version 4.25 required, Blueprint only

*² Compression of bytes/strings. This does not mean packing/unpacking of zip files.

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