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All In 1 Vfx Toolkit is the best way to create VFX both for experienced and beginner artists. Experienced artists will be able to greatly accelerate their workflow while beginners artists will be able to learn and evolve using the best tools and shaders available.

I truly believe that this asset will drastically transform the way you work with Unity. Take advantage of the lightning fast workflow, tools and awesome combinable effects to create beautiful VFX and particles that will take the visuals of your projects to a whole new level.

In the following demo you'll be able to see some effects created with the asset.

🎮Interactive Demo ➡ WebGL Browser Demo Link

Main Features:

  • Awesome VFX Shader

The most complete, optimized and easy to use VFX shader in the asset store. Through an intuitive and easy to use material inspector you'll have complete blendmode and rendering control, you'll be able to stack and layer up to 3 textures with per texture options and effects. On top of that you'll then be able to apply 35+ stackable effects.

  • 🔥 Particle System Helper

This helper will save you clicks, scrolling and time by allowing you to quickly create, edit particle systems and automatically setup custom vertex streams that can be used to drive some of the effects.

  • 📚Asset Library

A huge collection of vfx creation assets is included. 640+ textures and 65+ meshes to save you even more time and allow you to quickly prototype effects.

  • 💥 55+ Ready to use Example Prefabs

Take a look at the browser playable interactive demo to check them out!

  • ⚙️ Texture Editor

Quickly edit textures inside of Unity. Do you need a different color texture? Tweak the contrast or brightness? Flip or rotate? The texture editor has you covered. It's faster than using your image editor of choice.

  • 🛠️ Texture Creators

Create Distortion Maps/Normal Maps, Tileable Noise, Gradients and pack Texture Atlases for your effects inside the editor.

  • 📖 Documentation and VFX Course

Everything is extensively documented on a PDF Documentation and on an equivalent Video Tutorial Playlist. And if that wasn't enough a VFX course is also included so that you can learn the principles and workflows of VFX creation while using the asset.

  • 🧰 And more!

All In 1 VFX Toolkit also includes some minor utility scripts for screen shaking, billboarding, procedural bounce and scale animations, auto rotation, shader property scroll etc...

  • Lighting Fast Workflow

All the described features come together to form a beautiful and seamless workflow that will increase your productivity while also making VFX creation more fun.

✅Support emails are answered within a 24h period✅

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