Stylescape Stylized Environment Kit 1.5

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Quick Start Video | Playable Demo | Discord | Changelogs | Ruins

Latest version: v1.5

Stylescape is a highly flexible and optimized environment kit, built to utilize all of the latest UE4 features such as Landmass, Water, Edit Layers, and Runtime Virtual Textures.

• Landscape Auto Material with 2 auto slope layers, auto grass patches layer, 8 paintable layers, micro/macro tiling blending, and slope noise masks

• Latest version includes LAM version with texture normals

• Full product support even for non-related questions, community Discord , and video tutorials that take you through the entire usage process

• Ground foliage (grass, flowers) are geometry based, which means nearly zero overdraw

• All leaves and grass are vertex wind animated and comes with an extra customizable animated panning wave

• Assign any color for all leaves and grass, tutorial video available

• All grass, trees, and rocks blend with landscape via optional RVT assets

• Trees have high quality 4k impostor billboards

• Easily add foliage to your level with included procedural foliage spawners

• Background mountain meshes with dynamic material to control slope angle and textures

• Easy to place BP water actor with material and scaling controls, underwater fog, and distortion

• 4.26 Demo_RVT map w/ Landmass mountains, Water plugin lake & stream

Music: 29THRXNS

Technical Details



  • Paintable layers: Grass, Evergreen, Dirt, Sand, Snow, 3 Extra, Remove Procedural
  • Auto layers: Slope Dirt (Procedurally Tiled), Slope (World Aligned), Grass Patches
  • Compatibility with landscape Edit layers
  • Noise masks for Slope layers
  • Noise mask for Grass layer
  • Distant landscape fresnel
  • Micro & Macro LOD texture tiling
  • Grasstypes for all layers
  • Alternate cheaper version


  • Underwater Fog & Distortion
  • PostFX Sharpening
  • Cloud Shadows


  • 2 Grass, strip & cluster
  • 2 Flowers, single & cluster
  • 1 Fern
  • 2 Mushrooms, single & cluster
  • 4 Large Rocks, 3 Rock Clusters
  • 7 Trees: 2 Oaks & Tall Oak, Poplar, Short & Tall Spruce, Birch
  • 3 Background Mountains
  • 1 Vintage Radio


  • Demo map showcasing Grassland, Evergreen, & Snow biomes
  • Foliage blending via landscape RVT
  • Water Actor Blueprint w/ scaling & material controls
  • Tree Impostors
  • Ground foliage distance "growing" effect

Number of Unique Meshes: 33

Collision: Yes, custom & auto generated

Vertex Count: 54 (Small Rock) - 6,692 (Background Mountains)

LODs: Yes w/ Impostors (Trees)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 18 Masters, 68 Instances

Number of Textures: 124

Texture Resolutions: 256 - 4096

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Documentation: Stylescape Guide

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