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A top down kit which contains 3 different games to help you make top down games made 100% with blueprints.

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Technical Details


  • 2D Shooter Weapon System : With Automatic, charged and melee weapons
  • 2D RPG Weapon system : With bows, shields, sword, and boomerang
  • 3d Shooter System : Ranged and Melee weapons
  • Enemy AI In all project, you can control their health, the way they move around the map ( Patrolling, randomly and idle ) and the weapons that they use
  • Inventory system in the 2D RPG
  • Basic Main menu System
  • Basic Pause System
  • Control Compatibility
  • Ammo/ weapon and health pick ups
  • NPC Blueprints
  • Chest System
  • Player death screens
  • Commented Blueprints

Number of Blueprints: 30 +

Input: (If any, please include which methods of input are preconfigured (Keyboard & Mouse)

Network Replicated: (/No)

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Documentation: Documentation

Some assets were created by myself and :

Credits to : Quaternius, Fliflifly , Old Flick, His, Michel Baradari and ArMM1998

Important/Additional Notes:

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