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"Welcome to the Medieval Mega Pack! This package consists of a large supply of fully modular medieval prefabs and creations, from castles, to towns, to general environments, included with full props, interior furniture, and more!
Please read all notes in this description so you do not miss any of the features included! As they may answer some questions that you may think of.
*** This is version 1.5, now! This update now adds 337 new modular prefabs! This update brings forth another new large supply of castles and houses. These houses are different from the last, and are what i call \"Base Foundations.\" These base foundations are pre-builts of houses, with different floor attachments to use, allowing you to create different houses much faster than before!

**Now with 1,723 prefabs and growing!**

*** Version 1.3, brought in 360 new modular prefabs.. With a nice assortment of:
- Docks, and Encampment walls
- Stone Walls
- An entire new added set to the modular house creations... (located in the Housing Set 2 folder!)
- An entire new set of houses.. (Located in the Set 3 folder.) these new houses are exterior only, but are nicely detailed and fit well in any scenes!
- And tons of new props - barrels, crates, wells, carts, signs, weapons, training dummies, and more!
- Ive also upped many of the textures qualities, and changed some primary materials to much more proper looks!
*Version 1.2. Brought in 205 more modular prefabs, along with pre-built modules to get you started with these pieces. This update features a new supply of modular houses, and a new roof style. As well, this update brings in the Castle Ruins for more modular creations for destroyed or old castle structures!
The initial release, made with Unity version 5.6.0, came with a starting amount of 821+ modular prefabs! *(New total = 1,386 modular prefabs!)* Whether you use a post-processing effect or not, these models still look great in any type of scene. (Tested, and recommended lighting - using Linear lighting.)

Important notes and features:
- This package is a fully Standalone package, separate from all of my others. This is Not a bundle package, it has its own new and separate models!

- Package has been made for use with Linear Lighting. Please use linear for best results.

- This is a fully modular package, meaning that you can take apart most pieces and rearrange them how you want them to look!

- With this package, ive made a newer style of texturing, compared to my other packs:
1) 25% of the Materials use textures for certain props and pieces using the general UV layout atlas textures.
2) 75% of the materials are full tile-able textures, meaning that you can mix-match many of these with your own seamless tile-able textures. These pieces are mostly anything modular - Castles, Housing, Structures, etc.. along with a bunch of props as well.
Experiment around with the different tile-able materials, as there is a lot of mix-use available with all of these pieces and materials included!
If you take a house module for example:
Each wall, wooden beam, roof piece, and window each use a tile-able texture. This allows you to have all stone or plaster walls, or that stone medieval base like some houses have.
Maybe you have a wood texture, and a roof texture that you want to use instead of mine?
As long as they are seamless textures, than you can use them! This kit has been made for full customization options!

- Housing:
These houses and structures have been made with full interiors and / or exteriors available, allowing you to walk inside of each house as needed!
Each \"Window Wall\" comes equipped with its own Window shutters. These are unchecked by default. If you want to show the window shutters, just grab the wall prefab, and check to activate its child component, which are the shutters. This way you have more control over the detail on your pieces, and they are already pre-placed exactly where they need to be!

- Along with housing:
Compared to my previous kits, having been told that the scaling may have not been what some were expecting, I've gone and made these prefabs with a fair scaling to fit any type of character.
Previous house pieces were made with a 4x4M average scaling. While these still looked great, some interior designs felt too spacious and empty in certain areas.
These new modular house pieces are made with a 3x3M average scale, and work great in sizes for both TPS and FPS controllers!

There are plenty of updates lined up for this package, and as this is only the first release, i will continue to add more updates as needed.

The main features to build and create are included in this package at this time:
- Towns
- Castles
- Villages
- Marketplaces
- Crafting stations (Blacksmith, Apothecary, and Alchemists are included in this first release!)
- Interior and exterior designs
- Furniture (there are a nice assortment of furniture props already included, and more will be added soon!)
- General Landscapes (I've added about a dozen trees, and a dozen or so plants and grass. These can easily help to dress your scenes nicely!)

This package and its prefabs consist of medium - high poly models. With LODs included as needed on higher poly prefabs.
This package was made for use with PC and has not been tested for mobile. At this time, i will say that it is not \"made\" for mobile, but in time, may become possible!

The two videos are as follows:
1st) video features a 3 min cinematic fly-through trailer to the main demo scene included!
2nd) video features a 7 min walk-through with the first person controller (included), of the main demo scene. This video is more to just walk inside the houses, and show you up close all of the pieces included, and the furnishings and other prefabs that have been placed around the scene!
As i continue to work on new or old packages, i constantly post first-hand new updates in my Discord group. Anyone is more than welcome to come join, ask questions, or reach me the easiest!
Aquarius Max Discord

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