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"RTS FX is a pack of 79 particle effects and 19 cursors designed for real-time strategy games. Cursors come in 5 color variations.
Try out the click effects for yourself in the WebGL demo!
Standard and LWRP support
WebGL Demo | Forum Thread
- 79 total Prefabs
- 19 mouse cursors in 5 colors (32x32)
- 45 textures for symbols/circles
- 3 waypoint textures
- Easy to recolor
- Easy to scale
- Textures sizes between 256x256 and 1024x1024.
Area Effects:
These indicators would follow the ground under the mouse for targeting a spot for an area attack.
- Area Ring
- Target v1
- Target v2
- Target v3
- Target v4
- Target v5
Click Effects:
- AOE Click v1
- AOE Click v2
- Classic Click v1
- Classic Click v2
- Minimalist Click
- Soft Click
Status Effects:
Status effects show around units or buildings when they are constructing, researching, upgrading and more.
- Constructing
- Deploy
- Normal
- PowerSurge
- Research
- Upgrading
Waypoint Effects:
- Waypoint Lines (Textures only)
- Waypoint v1
- Waypoint v2
- Waypoint v3
- Waypoint v4

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