SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village

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235 prefabs and 84 sounds to make a complete medieval fantasy village. Suntail contains everything you need for your creativity.

Custom shaders allow you to customize your content however you like: change the colors and textures of houses, add secondary colors for trees and grass. You can easily customize Suntail to suit your project.

Suntail has scripts for demonstrating sounds: a character controller with a system that reproduces the sound of steps on different surfaces; a script that allows you to drag objects with the sound of falling; a sound zone control system that mutes outdoor sounds inside houses; a script for opening doors with sound.

All models have LOD's with smooth transition effect between them.

You can download the demo build and try out the demo scene. In demo scene you can enter houses and drag objects to appreciate the sounds and interiors.



  • 70 building modules for creating your own houses
  • 8 house prefabs
  • 8 combined mesh houses
  • 82 environment models (carts, fences, chests, furniture, etc.)
  • 38 interactable props (dishes, tools, bottles, food, etc.)
  • 13 nature models (trees, flowers, grass, bushes, stones)
  • 4 background mountains
  • 6 terrain textures
  • 4 particle systems (candle fire, god rays, smoke, fire)
  • 3 customizable shaders (foliage, surface, water)


  • 45 drop sounds for all interactable props
  • 20 footstep souds for dirt, grass, stone and wood surfaces
  • 8 forest environment souds (wind, birds)
  • 4 water ambient sounds
  • 4 door open and close sounds
  • 2 bonfire sounds
  • 1 ambient soundtrack

Package includes 2 demo scenes: village and scene with all prefabs.


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