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Geometry Algorithms is a collection of algorithms that will help you to generate or improve complex geometry from any data set

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What are the main features?

Triangulation - This algorithm creates ready-to-use Unity meshes or raw geometry from any set of points. Constrained Delaunay triangulations are supported for 2D and 2.5D (e.g. terrain) datasets, so you can add boundaries and holes to generate more complex geometry. Triangulations in 3D space are possible as well, but only for convex shapes.

Hull algorithms - Find the boundary of any point dataset, that can be used for visualization purposes or for further calculations (e.g. use the boundary to create constrained triangulations). Both convex and concave hulls can be generated for 2D and 2.5D datasets. In 3D, it is limited to convex hulls.

Voronoi Diagrams - Create valid Voronoi diagrams from any 2D or 3D dataset

Extrusion algorithm - Create extruded 3D shapes from any 2D shape

Threading - All algorithms can be called asynchronous. No extra effort is required by the user.

Real-time - All methods are implemented in a way that they can be used in real-time even when large datasets are processed. By utilizing the threading functionality even larger datasets can be handled in real-time.

Is it easy to use?By just writing two lines of code you should be able to use any algorithm in this asset. To get you started, Geometry Algorithms is shipped with several examples scenes and a detailed documentation. However if you encounter any problems, you can always contact me by using the contact information at the top or bottom of this page.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or suggestions!


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