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Arcade Vehicle Controller (AVC) is a simple vehicle controller asset allowing you to create any type of vehicle – car, hover car, motorbike, boat. The customizable arcade-y feel to the vehicles gives a fun, satisfying, player experience to your vehicles.

Included is a Vehicle Builder editor window, which allows you to setup a new vehicle in seconds! Just link the required objects and fill in the details, press a button and you’ve got your new vehicle!

Included Demo Vehicles
- Car
- Hover Car
- Motorbike
- Motorbike with side car
- Boat

The values for a vehicle (speed, turning, drifting, etc.) are saved in a ScriptableObject, meaning you can re-use the same values for hundreds of different vehicles, and only have to tweak them in 1 place.

Also included, are examples of how to interact with the vehicle controller for player input and AI

Unity Packages
The demo scenes require some of Unity's packages to work. When importing AVC a prompt will be displayed asking for you to confirm the import for the following packages:

- TextMesh Pro
- Cinemachine

Support available on the forum

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