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"Third Person Engine is a most powerful and advanced third person character platform on the Asset Store. It's specially designed to create AAA games.

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Third Person Engine suitable for all developers, regardless of whether you are a programmer, designer or artist!
• If you are not familiar with programming, there’s nothing to worry about. For Third Person Engine has developed a unique and powerful extension for the Unity editor, with which you can easily use all the functions and create a game without writing a single line of code.
• If you are a programmer, Third Person Engine has a clean and easy to read code, you can easily make their own changes and improve it.

• Adaptive Ragdoll System
Third Person Engine is included in the adaptive ragdoll that automatically handle ragdoll based on physical impact on the character. For example, falling from a height, hitting objects, it reacts to all physical impacts.You do not need to mess with its setting, it is fully automatically adapted to your ragdoll, if you wish, you can change any of the settings using the inspector to achieve the desired result.

• Advanced IK System
Third Person Engine is included advanced IK system that is automatically configured when you create a character, if you wish, you can change any of the settings using the inspector to achieve the desired result.

• Powerful Health System
Powerful health system that can be configured in detail for your type of game. For example, you can fine-tune the damage from physical impacts that is, for example, what will be the damage if on the character impact an object with a certain speed or what will be the damage if the player falls to the ground at a certain speed, change sounds from different types of damage and many other settings.

• Advanced Footstep Sound
Powerful footstep sound system that supports terrain, you can add different sounds of steps, jump and landing, depending on the surface you are standing on (texture or physical material).The system supports sound processing on each foot separately, that is, if both feet are on different surfaces, different sounds will be played at each step!

• Moblie Support
The asset already includes support for mobile systems, if you want you can install it in the project through a special convenient Manager. You don't need to re-create controls, you can easily override your current computer or console inputs for mobile systems, system automatically create joysticks and buttons and mobile control is ready!The mobile system has version control so that it can be easily installed, updated or removed from the project.

• Event Trigger System
Third Person Engine has a built-in special event system based on triggers, with which you can create unique events, change the settings of any character components, create an earthquake and much more.

Main Gameplay Features
• A powerful and flexible system to customize character controller
• Powerful character camera cystem
• Fully mobile support
• Adaptive ragdoll system
• IK system, work automatically (no need to setup animations)
• Foot's IK
• Upper Body IK
• Hands IK
• Advanced footstep sound system
• Simple footstep sound system
• Physics based crouching system
• Physics based grabbing system
• Event trigger system
• Respwan manager
• Camera shake system
• Field of view camera system
• Sliding on the high surface System
• Health system
• Health regeneration system
• Health sound system
• Health velocity damage System
• Health camera effects System
• Damage effect system
• Screen fade effect system

Main Editor Features
• Unique easy to use custom inspector.
• Manager window it's global manager through which you will be able to create various elements, install integrations, customize the editor interface.
• Tooltips to almost every field.
• Buttons for automatic search of elements.

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