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• The 'Sci-Fi Populate Pack' is a modular set of more than 500 PBR assets for populating your Sci-Fi interiors, rooms, halls and more.
You will find in a sci-fi mood some tables, chairs, desks, lights, buttons, supports, carts, screens, keyboards, monitors, consoles, work
consoles, various modules and racks (HCI and others), hoses (spline based if needed), hero props.
• The pack includes 1 'Overview' scene with all the assets and 2 'demo level' scenes ('Space station' scene and 'MoreInfos' scene).

Technical Details

• 438 StaticMeshes (96 custom made LOD1, from 2 to 7K tris)
• 43 Blueprint objects (15 objects + 28 'Spline' objects)
• 32 PBR Materials (8 master Materials + 24 Material instances)
• 18 SkeletalMeshes (with custom Animations)
• 15 Textures (Textures range from 256² to a 4096² Atlas)

• Engine Compatibility: 4.15
• Intended Platform: PC/Consoles/Mobiles
• Platforms Tested: Windows
• Important\Additional Notes:
1/ The 'Space Station' DemoLevel has additional content listed as below:
- 6 Blueprint Objects
- 4 Materials (2 Master + 2 Instances)
- 8 Sound Cues
- 9 sound Waves
- 8 StaticMeshes
- 1 IES File format
2/ The 'MoreInfos' scene contains more information about the Blueprint objects, some Static meshes assemblies and some colorization
3/ If you need some sci-fi walls/floors/ceiling/pillars assets, try my other pack: - SciFi 'Props' Pack -

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