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6.28 Updates:

Summiting data to GPU runs 1.3x faster.Packing radius and position buffer into one texture.


Then project can be converted inplace to 4.25 but I cancled this update because the reflection in 4.25 is bugged in DX11 mode.I will update it until this problem is solved maybe in 4.25.1.


Update cancled.There is bug on rendering reflection in the newest UE4 version 4.25.0.I will upload again until this bug is fixed.


New update for ue4.25.0 is coming soon.(Already uploaded)

Summiting data to GPU is optimized.

Old Update:

New Update Preview Video:


Rendering fantastic metaballs in realtime.MetaBalls can be modified in the BluePrints.

Create&Sample your own 3d-texture in BP&Mat.

Pre-raycast the 3d-texture&Special culling for metaballs in material to accelerate the progress of raymarching.

No limit to the quatity of balls,determined by the performance of the GPU.

32 Balls in each CUBE in the example,970m,60fps.

3 Example BP in the project:Random Position&Rotator;Physical Balls;Fluid;

10 Material Example in the project.

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Technical Details

2020/3/14 Update for pouring effect

New Update Preview Video:

2020/3/12 New Update for 4.24

1.Color Fusion Support

2.Triplanar mapping for rendering

3.Shader optimization(About 4 times faster)

4.key frame(In the previous version summiting data to GPU costs alot now this will speed up this process)

Unfinish part:

1.Passing metaball from niagara system

2.Octree stucture acceleration(Actually it's finished but havent fully comment yet)

For 4.23,Im sorry that I havent update this plugin(I was sick for whole year QAQ).

Im preparing a update for 4.24 or 4.25.Before that some problems will occur when transfer the project to 4.23 because the rendering pipeline has changed.So if you want this plugin work in 4.23 to be frank I cant help much but you can still mail me I will reply in email as soon as possible.Sorry for that again.

Number of Blueprints: 3

Number of Material: 10

Texture Resolution: 8x8 for Data ,512x512 for Volumes

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows

Documentation Included: No

Important\Additional Notes: No


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