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"Support UV from Hit Results" on the "project settings" must be "true"!

Draw System allows you to draw right in the game. You can also apply shaders to a drawn image (3 examples included: frozen glass, height map and emissive booster).

Also, Draw System has many customization options. You can change the colors, the thickness of the brush, draw materials and additive (And not only additive) textures, blur the image, copy it as many times as you want and wherever, and much more!

Now you can also draw in widgets!

There are two component widgets that you can simply drag and drop onto your interface just like other elements:

  • UI_DrawCanvas - Drawing without a settings screen. Suitable for such things as, for example, the signature screen.
  • UI_PaintElement - An advanced item that includes a settings menu. Suitable for in-game "paint" or something like that.

Youtube link:

Bonus: some amount different materials (snow, grass and several small technical)

Bonus: Custom depth based reactive snow.

You may be interested in: Widget Draw System

* This asset has nothing to do with the Widget Draw System , except for a similar idea.

This asset is modular and very easy to learn. For initial work, it is enough to use only one blueprint (BP_MainCanvas) and set "Support UV from Hit Results" on the project settings to true. All features can be viewed on an example map or by opening a blueprint and viewing my comments.

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Technical Details


  • In the new update, widget components are added! Just drag the Paint element to your interface and it will work!
  • Main Canvas for drawing with great potential (dynamic color, masks, brushes, modes, e.t.c. (watch on screenshots).
  •  Sliders and buttons that allow you to customize RT right in the game.
  •  Streaming Canvas to any meshes (Including, possessing physics and other specific properties)
  • Saving Images (or generate disposable)
  • 3 Masks included (frozen window, emissive booster and displacement heighmap)
  • Blur canvas (This can be seen on video.)
  • Bonus: custom depth based reactive snow, 3 materials functions and some amount different materials.

Number of Blueprints: 9 + several demo.

Network Replication: No.

Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad.

Supported Development Platforms: Desktop.

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows.

Documentation: Partically (Comments and parameter documentations in bp)

Important/Additional Notes: "Support UV from Hit Results" on the "project settings" must be "true"!

Support and discuss: Discord

UE4 versions are older than those specified - will not be added. Later versions will be added.

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