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Fully simulated firearm, bullet, and optic that comes with a set of FPS arms, an example rifle, and an example scope to use. The bullet is affected by gravity, air resistance(drag), and wind. The optic can be adjusted to compensate for bullet drop and wind in mill radians. Set your firearms accuracy using MOA (minute of angle). A firearms accuracy is usually defined with MOA, so 1 MOA means your rifle will shoot and hit the target within 1 inch of where you were aiming at 100 yards, 0.25 MOA means your bullets will impact within a quarter of an inch from each other at 100 yards. This is meant to be simple in terms of setup while still allowing you to customize the system's essentials while letting my code handle the brunt work in the background. Everything necessary is exposed to blueprint along with several events and blueprint callable functions already setup for you.

This is setup to work in a multiplayer environment with basic cheat prevention checks as well as some options to control how you want the bullet to be replicated.

Technical Details


  •  Fully simulated projectile, affected by wind, air resistance, and gravity
  • Comes with a set of FPS arms, an example rifle, and an example scope to use
  •  Realistic optic that allows for the adjustment of elevation and wind in mill radians (0.36 inch adjustments). Each optic can be set to have a specific default zero defined by you for each firearm that the optic is a child of. For example rifle A can have a perfect zero at 300 yards with the optic while rifle B can have a 100 yard zero with that same optic.
  •  Basic included rifle that allows you to set its accuracy in MOA (Minutes of Angle) and this corresponds to inches at a certain distance. For example if the firearm is rested perfectly still and aimed at a target at 100 yards and the firearm accuracy is 1 MOA then your bullets will hit within 1 inch of each other, if the firearms accuracy is 0.25 MOA then your bullets will hit within a quarter of an inch of each other at 100 yards.
  • Blueprint Exposed. Blueprint events are easily bindable for each class. Blueprint events that exist for the rifle are OnFire. Blueprint events that exist for the optic are OnZeroChanged and OnMagnificationChanged. Blueprint events that exist for the bullet are OnBulletFired and OnBulletHit.

Code Modules:

  •  RealisticFirearm, Runtime

Number of C++ Classes: 4

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows


Documentation: drive. /file/d/1q7de10kzgoul2Bc86o6qaWUdIjkPO75S


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