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Custom Movement implemented with 100% Blueprint that supports ladder and climbing movements.

Implemented in Custom Mode of CharacterMovement and supports network play.

All move logic is handled by BP_CustomMovementComponent.

So your character blueprint requires minimal work. (In the screenshot, you can see all the nodes for CustomMovement to use in your character.)

Preview Video :

Executable demo :

How to perform multiplayer tests in the Executable demo

  • Server console command : Open DemoMap?Listen
  • Client console command : Open ServerIP (For example: Open

Tutorial videos :

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Technical Details


  • Custom Movement
  • Ladder
  • Climbing
  • Network Play

Number of Blueprints:

2 Enumeration

  • ECustomMovementMode
  • ECustomMoveZoneType

1 Struct

  • SCustomMoveZone

3 Interface

  • BPI_CustomMovementCharacter
  • BPI_CustomMoveZone_Ladder
  • BPI_CustomMoveZone_Climbing

7 Blueprint

  • BP_ExampleCharacter
  • BP_CustomMovementComponent
  • BP_Zone_Holds
  • BP_Zone_Ladder
  • BP_Zone_LadderFromTop
  • BP_Zone_StretchableLadder
  • BP_Zone_StretchableLadderFromTop

2 Animation Blueprint

  • ABP_CustomMovement
  • ABP_ExampleCharacter

1 GameMode

  • BP_CustomMoveThirdPersonGameMode

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows



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