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The Simple Orbit Manager (in short: SOM) generates Orbits for your Actors and Meshes. Create Orbits manually and attach your Planet or Object to it, or let it generate a random amount of orbits for your Actors or Meshes.

Video: YouTube Link

Documentation: PDF Link

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Technical Details


  • Orbit Movement and Object Rotation
  • Oval Orbits and Orbit Offset
  • Randomized Spawners for Static Meshes and Actor Classes
  • Multiple Orbits supported
  • Indicator for Orbits. This can be disabled on the BP Instance.

Number of Blueprints: 6

  • BP_SOM_Base: This is the base blueprint class which contains most of the functionalities.
  • BP_SOM_ActorConnector: A small Blueprint that simply connects 2 Actors in your World.
  • BP_SOM_ActorOrbit: Adds Orbits with Actor Reference.
  • BP_SOM_MeshOrbit: Adds Orbits with a Static Mesh. (Uses Instancing)
  • BP_SOM_RandomActorOrbitSpawner: Generates randomized Orbits with an Actor Class.
  • BP_SOM_RandomMeshOrbitSpawner: Generates randomized Orbits with a Static Mesh (Uses Instancing)

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