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This pack includes several modular assets and props to facilitate the development of a project with unreal engine 4 create the blocking of your levels.




  • 101 Architecture
  • 55 Barriers
  • 25 Doors windows and frames
  • 8 Buildings
  • 18 Pipes
  • 18 Lights
  • 13 Interact props
  • 32 Industrial
  • 14 Vehicles
  • 20 Small objects
  • 5 Weapons
  • 5 Furniture
  • 16 Road elements
  • 3 Restroom
  • 4 Landscapes mesh
  • 31 Other and extra

If you want new models or you have advice you can contact me here: xavierloux.

The pack also contains several Blueprints for automatic doors, text display, decal, [...]

The sounds in the pack are free and downloadable here: /

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Technical Details


  •  Modular Assets
  • Blocking
  • Low poly 

Texture Sizes:

  •  2048x2048
  •  128*128

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, custom, LandMesh are per-poly

Vertex Count: Varied, average 184, max 4096

LODs: Yes, automatically generated with Lod groups

Number of Meshes: 368

Number of Materials: 10

Number of Materials Instances: 24

Number of Textures: 26

Supported Development Platforms: All

Documentation: No

Additional info:

  • For correctly snap modular mesh with angles like SM_WallRoundedCorner_400x400_45d or SM_PipeBigTurn_15d you need set rotation grid angle to 15 degrees.
  • The floor mesh are raised by 2 cm to avoid texture doubling when placing a wall underneath.
  • The character need a Capsule Radius at or under 45 for door frames
  • In orthogonal view the meshs seems broken due to the lod display, you can disable lod by uncheck "LOD Parenting" in Show > Advanced > LOD Parenting.
  • There are two versions of textures, with text and without text. Use MPC_BlockingTextureSwitch for switch.
  • Textures resolution enlarged to 2048px (Turn LOD Bias to 1 for 1024px).

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