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This randomizable zombie asset pack provides you with an array of zombie characters, heads, outfits, and a flexible blueprint zombie randomizer that will work seamlessly with any other AI or Character packs available on the marketplace.

It’s possible to generate hundreds of thousands of unique zombies, randomizing their outfits on spawn, and using Master Pose optimizations Unreal has included for modular skeletal characters to render the characters as a single skeletal mesh.

You have full control over what variations are allowed to spawn, and it is easy to make new colour variations with albedo masks and gray-scaled textures provided for more customization options.

Each zombie has configured physics assets, and dismembered gibs, ready to plug into your dismemberment systems.

Multiple blueprint examples are included to get you started and to show you the scope of this asset.

🌟This zombie is also available in combo packs: Four-Pack | Twin-Pack 🌟

πŸŽ₯Starved Male & Female: TRAILER πŸŽ₯



SEPTEMBER, 2020 - UPDATE 2.0 MAJOR UPDATE (detailed changelog available on pg. 4)

All of my zombies contain certain master assets, configured to work with each individual zombie. See page 6 to 15 in the documentation for a full overview of shared content.

This pack includes 34 licensed animations from Mocap Online .

Key Features:

  • 34 unique animations see (pg. 6)
  • Hair/Bald/Hair Cap variations
  • Randomized zombie blueprint (pg. 11 - 13)
  • Randomized facial animations/morph poses (pg. 11 - 13)
  • Randomized gore/dismemberment masks (pg.16 - 17)
  • Bonus Plain/Blank textures are provided for advanced customization (pg. 20)
  • Dismembered limbs ready to use (pg. 10)
  • Five demo maps
  • Customized ragdolls and physics assets
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Technical Details

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  • 34 Unique Animations pg. 6
  • 2 Animation Demo maps pg. 7-8
  • 1 Realistic Skin Material with Detail Mapped Pores pg. 14-15
  • 1 Fabric Material pg. 14-15
  • 2 Basic Skin/Decal Material pg. 14-15
  • 1 Hair Master Material pg. 14-15
  • 1 LOD Material pg. 14-15
  • 2 Skinned Zombie Models (13k to 300 tris) (2 heads, 1 body)
  • Two head variations (4 variations each with optional hair/bald)
  • 10 Morph Poses for each Head (8 to control eyes, Two for face/mouth controls)
  • 8 Dismembered Limbs
  • 1 Skinned T-Shirt (2k to 200 tris) (6 var, 4 gore mask)
  • 1 Skinned Singlet (1.6k to 160 tris) (6 var, 4 gore mask)
  • 1 Skinned Pants (2.3k to 230 tris) (4 var, 4 gore mask)
  • 1 Hair Model (2.3k tris to 290 tris)
  • 1 Blood Decal pg. 15
  • 1 Animation BP pg. 7-8
  • 1 AI BP pg. 11-13
  • 1 Dressup BP pg. 9
  • 1 Gib BP pg. 10
  • 1 Dismemberment BP pg. 10
  • 5 Master Pose Blueprints pg. 10

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

IK bones are included: Yes

Animated: Yes

Characters: 2

Materials and Instances: 7 Master, 98 instances, 2 functions

Textures: 102 textures

Resolutions: 4k Textures, 2k Decal/Hair


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  • 4.26
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