Northern Forest

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Open demo map, press play and this what you get: Youtube (excluding audio).

Northern environment with pines, spruces and birches.

Technical Details

  • 10 master materials
  • 28 instances
  • 2 blueprints (one usage combined)
  • 1 demo level
  • 1 overview map
  • 2 particles ( 1+variation )
  • 1 sequence
  • 1 skeletal mesh + phys asset + 1 animation (bird, flapping, used in bp to create a flock that follows spline)
  • 48 Static meshes
  • 29 Textures (0.5k-4k)
  • LODS: 1-4
  • Trees have billboards: YES
  • 2 uv channels
  • collisions: automatically generated, in engine adjusted
  • Scaled to epic skeleton : YES
  • vert count: 200 - 58 000 (billboards 2-4 polys)
  • Landscape material has 2 layers and 2 grasstypes. 1 for snowy and frozen vegetation and 1 for others.

Grasstypes include twigs and grass. Other foliage on demo-level is painted with foliage painter.

No slapmasks or height/slope-blends used

  • Bird flock blueprint is to make a distant flock following spline.

The bird itself is a 2 bone, 1 flapping animation, less than 10 polygons and

meant to be used only in distance from player

  • Vertex paint (red channel) is used to paint wet parts of frozen lake surface
  • Fog Particles needs exponential height fog on level to work. 2 density versions.
  • Demo map 8x8km (some edges of the map not as finalized as the parts seen in video)
  • Tested with win 64 / gtx 1070 - 45fps at lowest (1920x1080 / epic scalability settings), 60+ on average

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  • Unreal Engine
  • 4.26
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