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Easy Build System is an advanced building system, easy to use and expandable. Fast and powerful to suit all of your building needs in all your games, works on any platforms!

Designed to work out-of-the-box, it includes several components like scalable conditions and add-ons, sockets, physics, blueprints, skins, save and load...

Support three view modes first, third and top-down view, works with the new Unity Input System and XR. Extend it or to customize it to fit your exact needs, even if you aren't a programmer.

Compatible with most popular assets, It also includes integrations for some specific assets.

* Support All Render Pipelines (Built-In, URP, HDRP).

* Support Legacy & New Unity Input System.

* Support XR Interaction Toolkit.

Features :

• Mobile ready.

• Support XR Interaction Toolkit.

• Fully compatible with the Legacy and the new Unity Input System.

• Support all the render pipelines (Built-In, Universal, HighDefinition).

• Ready to use, highly configurable and expandable.

• Intuitive advanced inspectors for each component.

• Support three modes (placement, destruction, edition).

• Works on Unity Terrain, ProBuilder or any custom meshes.

• Support the first person, third person and top down view.

• Socket based & attachment type.

• Build limitation with build areas.

• Save and load system for building data.

• Grid snapping with custom grid size.

• Add-ons system to expend any components of the system.

• Advanced and scalable conditions system.

• Blueprint system to work with your building in the editor.

• Include many demo scenes and free add-ons, Overview & Add-ons Overview .

• Integrations with the most popular assets, Integrations Overview .

• Complete docs, tutorials, support, full source code included.


• Game Kit Controller

• Game Creator

• Mirror

• Photon Network V2

• uSurvival

• uRPG

• Rewired

• Inventory Pro


• Opsive Third Person Controller

• Invector Third Person Controller

• ProBuilder

Refund Policy:

We don't offer refunds there is no way for you to return the asset and code.

Before buying if you've any questions or concerns contact us!

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