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MicroSplat is a modular shading system designed around performance and ease of use. MicroSplat is a replacement shader system for Unity Terrains, and also available for Meshes with the Mesh Workflow . With over 500 five star reviews across it's modules, MicroSplat is the most popular, performant, and feature rich system on the asset store

Simply add the MicroSplatTerrain component to your terrains and with a single button press your terrain shading is significantly improved. Add additional modules for additional features.

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MicroSplat's Core shader package features:

- Up to 32 textures on one terrain in a single pass

- Significantly faster than any other shader on the asset store

- PBR rendering, with automatic generation of normal, height map, smoothness, and ambient occlusion data when textures are not provided

- Height based blending

- Multiple lighting models

- Terrain or World Space UVs

- Substance Support w/ substance plugin

- Support for Emissive and Metallic surfaces

- Specular or Metallic Workflows

- Utilities to import/export splat maps from external programs

- Vegetation Studio integration which adds support for grass map rendering.

- Vegetation Studio integration which adds support for distance shadow rendering, rendering dynamic shadows over the entire terrain.

- Support for 2018.3 Terrain Instancing

- Support for 2019.2 Terrain Holes

- A ton more

Per Texture controls are available for:

- UV Scale and Offset

- Albedo Tint

- Albedo Contrast

- Albedo Brightness

- Albedo Saturation

- Metallic value

- Smoothness Strength

- Normal Strength

- AO Strength

- Metallic

- Height Contrast

- Height Offset

- UV Rotation

- Subsurface Scattering

- Fuzzy Shading

- Micro Shadows

- Additional controls when modules are installed

MicroSplat can be expanded with additional modules that add features such as:

Support for HDRP

Support for URP

Tessellation and Parallax Mapping

Mesh Terrain Blending


Anti Tiling Techniques

Paintable Puddles, Streams, Lava, Wetness

Global Texturing Techniques

Dynamic Snow

Terrain Holes

Triplanar UVs

Texture Clusters

Wind and Glitter

Low Poly Look

Mesh Terrain

Procedural Texturing  


Mesh Workflow

Digger Integration

Polaris Integration

Considering a lot of the modules? The Terrain Collection is now available offering 11 modules at a discount.

The Ultimate Bundle is also available with 18 modules at an even greater discount.

MicroSplat has custom integrations for many popular assets, including Vegetation Studio, Enviro, Weather Maker, and Map Magic. MicroSplat is also compatible with terrain generation systems like World Creator, Terrain Composer 2, and Gaia.

MicroSplat is unbelievably fast, often several times faster than competing shaders with the same feature set turned on, and is optimized for both high end and low end hardware. MicroSplat uses a unique shader generation system, so all features compile out and have no cost when not in use, and only the features you want need to be purchased. Note that MicroSplat is not a subset of MegaSplat, but rather a much more advance sequel

MicroSplat requires support for Texture Arrays, which are not available in OpenGLES 2.0, DirectX9 or WebGL 1.0.

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