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This project features:

  • A simple but reliable system to create any cableway track for a two gondolas (3 wires per side) with stations
  • Track creator using automatic placement or manual placement to fit any map, you can adjust pillars positions and the direction of the cableway in a few steps
  • Track is made using instanced static meshes to minimize draw calls so it's possible to create very long tracks without problems
  • Easy creation: specify pillars coordinates or automatically create them (with a system to delete unwanted pillars) and drag the second station to the location you need
  • Easy start: just create the track and drag and drop two gondolas blueprint assigning the track actor to them
  • Textures are created with substance painter and 3D models are created with Maya (no substance plugin is required)
  • Easy to migrate (only two actors)
  • Easy to modify because it's made using static meshes and most of the parameters for the track can be easily changed
  • It's completely automatic but can be also controlled with a simple hud (not implemented)
  • Speed is based on a float curve easy to modify
  • Sounds are already setup
  • Each mesh is using an instance of a master material (one for metallic and one for non metallic)
  • Texture size from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096

Technical Details

  • Features:
  •  10 static meshes max 20k polygons with automatic lods (the station is using complex collision)
  • 112 textures from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096 according to the object (rescalable to your needs within the editor) made using substance painter
  • 2 Blueprints: one for the track and one for the gondola. Each track should have 2 gondolas
  • Automatic track creation on distance with the possibility to exclude pillars and to adjust the track
  • Manual track creation using an array of coordinates for pillars, very easy to use
  • The system is fully automatic and only works when used
  • All is made using static meshes

Number of Blueprints:3

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: NO

Supported Development Platforms: Win 64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win 64

Documentation: work in progress

Important/Additional Notes:


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