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"Sprite Shaders Ultimate is a large collection of combinable shaders.
Create Interactive Grass , add Visual Effects , improve Particles and a lot more.
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- 50 Stackable Shaders
- Easy to Use
- Great Performance
- Highly Customizable
- Shaders can be faded in various ways
- Shaders can be masked
- Clean Shader Inspector
- Interactive Shaders and Scripts
- Material Management Tools
- Texture Export Tool
- Compatible with Amplify Shader Editor
- Includes my Interactive Wind asset for FREE
Sprites | Particles | UI Images | UI Texts | URP 2D Lit Sprites | URP 3D Lit Sprites
3D Lit Sprites | Tilemaps | Sprite Shapes | Unity 2D Animation | Spine Animation
Render Pipelines
- Full support for Built-In Render Pipeline.
- Full support for Universal Render Pipeline.
- Unlit and UI for High Definition Render Pipeline.
8 Uber Shaders
Each contain the same 50 shaders.
Only enabled shaders are computed by the gpu.
And you can easily switch between them.
- Default
- Additive
- Multiply
- 2D Lit URP
- UI Default
- UI Additive
- 3D Lit
- 3D Lit URP
- Unity 2018.4 (or higher)
2021.2 Users: URP 2D Lightning is not supported in 2021.2 yet.

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