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Ultimate LOD System is a complete LOD based optimization solution for your project! You can generate LODs from your original meshes, or just generate simplified versions of them.
With the Ultimate LOD System you can QUICKLY create LODs for your meshes and the Ultimate LOD System will still manage those meshes in your scene, replacing the meshes with others of lesser quality, as the camera that currently renders them moves away. Watch the videos to see the system working. If you don't have LOD versions of your meshes, don't worry, the Ultimate LOD System can generate them for you. The Ultimate LOD System works with both Static Meshes (Mesh Renderers) and Animated Meshes (Skinned Mesh Renderers).
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You can easily prepare and optimize your scene in minutes using the Ultimate LOD System. You just need to add the \"Ultimate Level Of Detail\" component to a GameObject that contains a mesh, or to a GameObject parent in a hierarchy of GameObjects with mesh. So you just need to choose how many levels of detail you want to generate, and what will be the quality of each one, then just set the minimum distance so that each level of detail is shown and then, just click the button for the \"Ultimate Level of Detail\" component to scan your meshes and generates all levels of details automatically! If you already have LODs created for some of your meshes, you can supply them to the Ultimate LOD System, and they will be displayed and managed by the Ultimate LOD System as well.
\tMake the most of your game's performance and create breathtaking scenes! Allow your game to have a large number of meshes being displayed at the same time in your scene, without sacrificing its performance.
The Ultimate LOD System processes and generates the LODs of your meshes in a few moments, even if they are huge meshes with thousands of vertices. You can also choose the amount of detail levels you want to generate, you can choose between just 1 level of detail or up to 8 levels of detail, the control is all yours!
- Some highlights of this Tool
Very easy and fast to use. It has a simple and intuitive interface.
Processes and generates LODs from your meshes quickly, even if they are huge meshes with very high amounts of vertices.
Does not modify original Meshes, Textures, Materials or UVs.
Completely non-destructive workflow.
Forget the need to create dozens or thousands of GameObjects in your scene, one for each LOD! The Ultimate LOD System will not create any additional GameObject in your scene.
Fully compatible with HDRP, LWRP, URP and the Built In RP.
After generating LODs, animations remain intact in Skinned Mesh Renderers.
Supports both static meshes (Mesh Renderers) and animated meshes (Skinned Mesh Renderers).
Supports all Materials, Shaders (all kinds), UVs or Meshes.
Supports meshes with various materials.
Supports Blendshapes! After generating LODs from a mesh that has Blendshapes, Blendshapes will continue to work.
Supports creating LODs at runtime with the C# API! The processing and generation times for LODs may vary according to the hardware and complexity of the meshes.
Do the entire process of creating the LODs/Simplify through the editor. No need for third-party software.
You can also generate simplified versions of your meshes and save them to your project files.
The generation of LODs or Simplification is made according to your preferences. You control the level of reduction of vertices and other things.
If you have meshes that already have their LOD versions, you can supply them to the \"Ultimate LOD System\" so that they are rendered according to the distance from the camera.
No need to change the structure of GameObjects!
You can enable or disable the Culling of meshes that are too far away. Enabled Culling will cause meshes that are too far away to be disabled automatically, saving Batches/Draw Calls.
After scanning and generating LODs for your meshes, you can easily convert from MT LODs to Unity LODs (the standard Unity LOD scheme, using LOD Groups).
Great documentation.
Extremely easy to use and easy to learn. Start generating your LODs in up to 5 minutes!
Take advantage of a complete API for debugging and controlling your LODs!
The Ultimate LOD System has a C# API so you can choose when or not the system can work. For example, when a player looks at the horizon, through a zoomed aim, you can disable the LOD system so that only the original meshes are displayed, and when the player stops looking at the aim, you can use the API C# to turn the system back on, and display the LODs again. Of course, the LOD system is always on by default!
- I will always be working to bring improvements and new features!
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