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Jujube Map Editor is an editor extension that gives you an easy way to make 3D maps in Unity. Edit the map in scene view and save data into scriptable asset.

Demo YouTube | Bilibili
My artwork in ArtStation

Require Unity 2019 or higher.

Data Storage
Save map and palette data into scriptable asset. Add component \"Jujube Renderer\" to a gameObject to renderer the map with a palette.
Palette is a scriptable asset contains several prefabs. Map data only saves the palette-index of the blocks. You can simply switch the palette to change the map into a different theme.
Combine Mesh
Export map as a prefab with combined meshs from JujubeRenderer or JujubeGenerator. You can decide which layers will be combined.
Generate Random Map
Generate a random map with one click. Save it into an map data file or a prefab with combined mesh.
You can create blocks with your own logic by making a class inherit the JBlock class. There are examples in this package for research about this. The animator shows in the demo scene can also be customize in the same way.


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