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Path Painter is the first of its kind paint system for Unity. Very simple to use yet powerful. It allows you to shape the terrain, paint textures and clear vegetation like it's never been done before.

[Apr 22, 2021] If you thought painting paths with Path Painter was easy, check out the [New] Auto Ramp feature, because it just got easier! You just do the painting and Path Painter will automatically create ramps as needed from now on. This way of painting has been in the plans for about 5 years, from the very beginning, but got lost in the noise until now, when someone reminded me of it (thank you!). Excited about this. I hope it will be as useful to everyone as I always imagined.

[Apr 12, 2021] Still releasing betas. We seem to be at a pretty final stage, but we received some very important feedback (regarding large environments) fairly late, only months after the first beta was released, so we wait for feedback a little longer. v2.1.0b2 already has some major improvements over v2.1.0b1 Thank you for all the feedback! You guys rock!

[Jan 16, 2021] Good news: More than 100 users have updated to Path Painter II, and there have been zero issues reported, so as the next step, we start moving Path Painter II out of beta. (We will keep the first version live for now to make sure you have something to fall back to.)

[Dec 18, 2020] Path Painter II Beta released.

It's been a wild ride, and we are honoured that Path Painter is considered among the highest quality assets by many. We are proud that we only received a handful of issue reports (definitely less than 10) over the years from over 10000 wonderful creators, who honoured us with their trust, and most of those were unforeseeable compatibility issues introduced by new Unity versions. We hope that Path Painter II is going to be the same quality- and great experience for our users they are used to by now.

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Path Painter II has been a huge effort and it ended up to be pretty much a complete rewrite (with over 102370 changes in 212 files). It includes a number of complex systems to bring the new features, while keeping all the Path Painter features everyone knows and loves.


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