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The packages contain 6 Ghost shaders for the Built-In render pipeline and 7 Ghost shaders for the Universal Render Pipeline. You can easily add ghost effects to your models, using these materials.

The file includes built-in and URP shaders. The Ghost Shaders v2020.1.0 package is only compatible with Unity 2019.3.0 or higher. A lower version of Unity will download the version 2.0.
The package is set up to Built-In Render Pipeline by default. Please follow the URP setup in the documentation for Universal Render Pipeline projects.
Documentation included.

Shaders :

CS_Advanced Ghost :

+ XRay See Through : See the model skeleton, defined by the XRay properties, through any objects.
+ Always Visible : See model through any objects.

CS_Fast Ghost | Always privilege these shaders for mobile projects.

+ XRay See Through : URP only
+ Always Visible : See model through any objects.
+ Only Through : Only visible through objects.

Features :

- Advanced customizable parameters
- URP support
- Mobile friendly
- Refraction effect
- Cloud map animation
- UV or Screen Projection
- Smoothness options
- Xray parameters
- Full control on transparency

Models :

- 1 Wall
- 3 stones
- 1 pedestal
- 1 torch
- 1 chain+bars
All models come with diffuse, normal, specular and Ambient map. Textures are 2048x2048 in .TGA format.


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