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This MEGA PACK marks the beginning of our Zombie Shooter Series on the Asset Store!

It includes our
Three Most Requested Assets :
1. Manoeuvre FPS
AAA quality, production ready, fully procedural First Person Shooter Controller Framework worth 39.95$.

2. Ultimate Zombie AI
Next-gen solution for creating realistic Zombie Behaviours without writing a Single Line of Code worth 34.95$.

3. FPS Weapons Pack
Collection of High Quality deadly looking PBR Weapons Pack worth 9.95$.

Detailed Info of all the Packages can be seen on their respective Asset Store Pages.

The Assets included in this Mega Pack are tightly integrated with each other in order to provide flawless GamePlay production.

Combined value of all the Three Assets is 84.85$ but with this MEGA PACK you are saving 15.9$.

Important Links :

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Watch MEGA PACK Tech Demo Video
> Tech Demo on YouTube

Try MEGA PACK Tech Demo
> Tech Demo PC Build

Get Insights of Ultimate Zombie AI!
> uzAI Documentation

Watch uzAI Tech Demo Video
> uzAI on YouTube

Try uzAI Tech Demo
> uzAI Tech Demo PC BUILD

Download Free Shooter AI Animations
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Download Free Zombie Animations
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FAQs :
Q. What are the Contents of this Package?
A. This Package comes with Demo Scene(as shown in Tech Demo) setup with 4 Weapons, 30 uzAI Zombies, Powerups, Weapon and Ammo Pickups, Minimap, Inventory, Ambient Sound Effects.
Besides MEGA PACK Demo Scene, All the Three included Assets have their own Demo Scenes which work out of the box!

Q. How to create Manoeuvre FPS Controller from Scratch?
A. With the Advanced Wizard Window, you can create Manoeuvre FPS Controller in a few clicks.
I recommend trying the #Free version, it also contains Wizard Window.

Q. How to create uzAI Zombie from Scratch?
A. uzAI also contains an Advanced Wizard Window for this sole purpose of creating the AI. You just have to drop your Zombie's Humanoid Model and hit the Create button and you are Done!

Q. How frequently this Package will be updated?
A. Every Month!

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