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Having trouble getting accurate physics and colliders?
Easy Collider Editor lets you quickly create colliders that fit any object. Just select points and vertices on a mesh, and click a button or press a shortcut key. It's that easy!

Can't visualize what the result will be?
A helpful preview shows you the result as you work. You can even switch between the previews with shortcut keys, and create a collider from the current preview with a double tap or a single key press!

Just want to use convex mesh colliders on everything?
Use the VHACD plugin to automatically create as many convex hulls as you want. You can even use the new merge tools to reduce the number of convex hulls afterwards.

Don't want to create colliders for a character?
Automatically create boxes, capsules, spheres, or convex meshes on a skinned mesh's bones with a single click of a button!

Want to see more features added?
A lot of features like the collider preview, vhacd preview, extra vhacd settings and more were all added at the suggestion of users. Let me know what you'd like to see!

Easy Collider Editor is designed to make creating and positioning box, sphere, capsule, and convex mesh colliders as easy as possible. Other features include automatic collider generation for skinned meshes, automatic convex mesh collider generation with VHACD, merging multiple colliders into a single collider, and cylinder-shaped convex mesh colliders.

This tool lets you quickly and easily add multiple colliders on gameobjects using simple and easy to use vertex selection tools. No more painfully adding, moving, and resizing colliders. A helpful preview is even drawn as you select points to make the process even smoother. Shortcut keys let you swap between previews and create a collider from the current preview.

Easy Collider Editor can also automatically generate box, capsule, sphere, or convex mesh colliders along a skinned mesh's bones. Parameters for this let you exclude vertices by weight, automatically realign colliders with the bones, exclude specific bones, or stop generation after a specific bone.

Another feature is convex hull generation using VHACD in both Windows and Mac. This lets you automatically generate multiple convex mesh colliders on any mesh with a simple click of a button. Using multiple convex mesh colliders lets you better represent the shape of the mesh while still allowing physics and rigidbodies to work correctly. All VHACD parameters are exposed and easily adjustable, and a preview of the result is calculated and displayed as you work.

The new merge collider tools can be particularly useful after creating lots of convex mesh colliders using VHACD. Select colliders of any type and merge them into a single collider of any type. Shortcut keys and previews work for merging colliders as well.

Easy Collider Editor uses VHACD under BSD-3-Clause, see ThirdPartyNotices.txt in package for details.


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