Multiplayer TopDown Survival Kit

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    Unreal Engine

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• Twin-Stick-Shooter controls

• day&night cycle

• climate system with fluctuating world temperature and temperature modifying areas

Multiplayer system

• create and join multiplayer sessions

• reconnect to sessions with your character being remembered by the server (identified by the


• scoreboard with customizable sorting order

SaveGame system

• separate SaveGame objects for the game and for the options

Realistic hunger, thirst and body temperature system based on thermodynamic laws

• human body tries to regulate his body temperature by shivering and sweating

• drinking does affect the body temperature depending on the temperature and amount of the


• clothing modifies how much the air temperature does affect the body temperature

• PostProcess effect covering the edges of the screen warning the player that he is close to

becoming hypothermic / overheated.

Inventory, Equipment, Crafting and Building system

• optimized for low usage of network bandwidth in multiplayer games

• move, swap, split, stack, resize, use, equip, unequip, drop and pick up

• add or remove craftable items and modify their crafting cost and time to craft during the


Please note: The Twin-Stick-Shooter controls and the example map are designed for TopDown

games. Everything else will also work in Third-Person and First-Person games.

Technical Details

• Number of Blueprints: 115 (including 43 Enumerations and Structs)

• Intended Platform: PC

• Detailed tutorials guiding you how the template works and how you can extend it.

• Platforms tested: Windows


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  • Unreal Engine
  • 4.14
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