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WebRTC Video Chat is a unity plugin which allows you to stream audio, video and send text&data messages betweentwo programs. You can use it to create a live video and audio stream similar to features of Skype, Google Hangout or Teamspeak and integrate it directly into your own unity project.

The asset comes with a fully functional example app to demonstrate how to create a video chat. If this is all you need you can simply change the UI to your liking and use it without any programming. If you plan to use this asset in production you will need to set up your own server though. You can find more information here:

\t- Fully functional video chat example as prefab. Simply drag and drop it into your application
- Stream Video, Audio and exchange text messages
- Simple and fully documented programming interface
- Support for Windows (x86 and x64. No UWP support!), WebGL, Mac (intel x64), Android (ARMv7-A, x86, arm64) and iOS (arm7, arm64)
- No server needed for development, testing and small hobby projects
- Compatible open source browser version available on github . Can be used to stream between Unity & browsers or to create your own compatible software.
The library itself doesn't depend on any specific Unity version and works in native C# as well. Thus, you can also use it for server side applications.

You can find the full documentation, sample applications, latest builds and more on ! Please try the sample applications on your target system first before buying the asset.

This asset uses the native WebRTC library under a BSD-like license from and components from WebSocketSharp under the MIT license. For detailed license information see license_third_party.txt and license_webrtc.txt or visit: License Info

- Only platforms listed above are supported. UWP and Lumin OS are not supported by this asset!
- No third party software or servers are supported.
- The asset does not provide a C# WebRTC API.
- Not all components of the asset are open source.
- Focus of this asset is on 1 to 1 media connections. Any 1 to n and conference call examples are work-in-progress and for experimental use only.

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