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Based on my free YouTube tutorial series, the realistic projectile blueprint has been honed for ease of use and readability.

Use physics to create immersive gunplay that goes above and beyond the current generation of first person shooters.

• No limit to the number of objects a bullet will penetrate
• Scientifically accurate drag model
• Add your own real world data such as bullet mass, cross-sectional area and muzzle velocity
• Chance of penetration varies depending on impact angle, impact velocity, and material hit.
• Capable of creating slow motion replays
• Can spawn exit particle effects and decals as well as regular bullet hit effects
• Bullet trace color denotes velocity for testing purposes (or effect). Credit to youtuber Dyslexci for this concept.
• 100% blueprint

Technical Details

- 2 Blueprints (Projectile, FirstPersonCharacter)
- 1 Base Material with 3 material instances: Steel Checkerplate, Concrete and Plywood
- 7 SFX (Bullet fire, and bullet hits)
- 3 Meshes (7.62x39 bullet, public domain ak47, public domain banana magazine)
- 2 Data Structures (material properties and hit effects table)
- 1 Float curve (Drag coefficient vs velocity)


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