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This pack contain carefully optimised, modular, atlased photoscanned and scuplted assets. Lod's are higly optimised tri are from 7/4k to even 8 tri so pack is very cheap in render, it's even suitable for mobiles and vr.
* Foliage from video is our Dynamic Nature - Starter pack.
* Fountain and river materials are from our R.A.M - River Auto Material pack, which are also suitable for fountains.
Pack contain:
- 68 modular prefabs
- 47 models with 4-5 lods ( almost 200 meshes)
- 18 texture atlases (68 textures - Albedo, Smoothness, AO, Metalic, Normal)
- 12 ground texture sets (60 maps) not all perfect tilled - few of them have rather artistic mix value.
- fast shader for pavment and walls
- demo scene from movie without foliage and river shader
Third party included support:
- CTS ground shader profile.
- Vegetation Studio Foliage profiles (you need dynamic nature starter pack too).
Textures are combined into Albedo, Metalic/AO/Smoothnes formats which are cheap for gpu, memory and cpu and fully compatibile with unity standard shader format. All textures are 2048x2048 but rocks up to 4096.
In pack you will find fence, rocks, statues, pavment, fountains, gates, laterns,barriers, bench, basket, poles, curbs and much more.
Data for pack comes from photogrammetry and it's suitable for archviz too.
Feel free to contact and visit us at: Discord Channel
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