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XFur Studio 2 is the ultimate fur rendering system for Unity.

The next evolution of 2018's Unity Awards nominated XFur Studio, the brand new XFur Studio 2 has been re-written from the ground up for extreme performance, quality and ease of use.

XFur Studio 2 allows you to add realistic, fully customizable and efficient GPU accelerated fur simulations compatible with all platforms and rendering pipelines* to your game within seconds and in just a few clicks

Forum Thread | Documentation | Support | Twitter | Team Edition

Features :

• New ! Highly detailed and customizable Curly fur (beta feature)
• New ! Fur strand maps can be procedurally generated within the Unity Editor and exported as PNG files.
• Advanced fur rendering for Forward and Deferred
• Full lighting and shadows support on a per-instance and per-material basis
• Unparalleled performance and quality
• Highly rated customer support, full documentation and extensive video tutorials
• Compatible with VR, AR and mobile
• Design tools included to edit, paint, shave and groom the fur all within the Unity editor
• Highly scalable, from low detail fur for mobile games to extremely high resolution for close ups and cinematics
• Dynamic LOD management
• Post Process support *
• Compatible with HDRP and Universal RP
• GPU accelerated fur physics simulation on all platforms, even mobile
• Snow coverage / melting simulation
• Other visual FX such as rain and blood are also supported
• Fur can be groomed in any direction
• Fur painting, editing, shaving and grooming supported at runtime through an easy to use API
• Basic fur editing at runtime can be done through 3D brushes, with no coding required.
• Source code included

Notices :

This is a new release and as such, new features and several improvements are to be expected in the upcoming months

Post Process effects that depend on motion vectors (TAA, advanced Motion blur) may cause some visual artifacts.

This tool is not targeted at low end mobile devices but rather to recent mid and high end devices. Support for OpenGL ES 3.1+ or equivalent is heavily recommended.

HDRP and Universal RP variants are slightly more demanding than the Built in version due to the internal architecture and limitations of SRP technology

This tool requires one license for each developer working on the project and using XFur Studio or a character using XFur Studio shaders. For larger teams please check the Team Edition of XFur Studio 2

Alpha / Beta versions and features of Unity are not supported. The use of LTS versions of Unity is highly recommended, particularly Unity 2019.4 LTS

Characters and models using XFur Studio 1.x or XFur Mobile require additional work and manual setups in order to upgrade to XFur Studio 2. Due to the many internal differences between both versions an automatic upgrade is not possible

If you have questions or need further information before purchasing this asset, please contact us here

Documentation and support are available in English only

Holly, the fox character shown in the main features demo video, as well as the other models shown in the videos and screenshots are displayed for demonstration purposes only and are not included with this package.

The raccoon model is part of the Realistic Raccoons and red panda pack by MalberS Animations and is not included with this asset

Holly is a company mascot property of Irreverent Software, not intended for distribution nor usage by third parties. Its use on videos and screenshots with this asset is for demonstration purposes only


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