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Working Computer & Wi-Fi System (WCW) is the first of many systems I plan to make to speed up your game development. Have you ever dreamed of making a game where a player can do anything he wants? Well, you are in the right place.

WCW adds a simple yet very effective computer with multiple applications to your gameplay. Some applications do require an in-game internet connection though, that is when wi-fi comes in handy. Don't save money on a good quality router though, or you might spend quite some time loading those applications!

How to use

I have in-depth video tutorials coming on how to implement your custom creations in this project. Until then note, that this system is fully plug and play, just change the used game mode in the world setting tab to "BP_WCW_GameMode", place the computer and other assets in the world and you are good to go!



  • Plug and Play! The only thing you need is to switch the game mode
  • Easy to add multiple applications (Included template Widgets for quick setup of your own applications)
  • Neat, simple, easy to understand, and beginner-friendly blueprints
  • Good-looking and eye-catchingdesign
  • Simple money system
  • Maximize/Minimize windows with drag and drop feature
  • Saving system for everything necessary


6 Applications included!

  • 🌎Web Browser - Browsing history, Search bar, Casino page with functional roulette, and prearranged pages for you to design only
  • 💻This Computer - Change connected Wi-Fi name or password and set RGB colors for your computer
  • 📧E-Mail - Register and log in to e-mail accounts. Compose, Read, Delete, and Favorite e-mail messages. General database = any player with login information can access any e-mail account!
  • 💰Bank* - Trivial application for casino purposes. Distinguishes player's money in bank and casino. The player can deposit/withdraw money from/to the bank and casino.

* Note that I have an upcoming asset with a more advanced Banking System incoming with physical cards and ATMs, which will also enhance this application. Stay tuned!

  • 🛡️Security - Connect to CCTV cameras to access their feed! You need a wi-fi connection and the serial number of the camera for the first connection.
  • 🗒️Notes - Simple note-taking application. Works with the saving system


  • Configurable Wi-Fi Speed (Influences the time it takes to load internet-requiring applications)
  • Configurable Wi-Fi Radius (Influences how far can Wi-Fi reach the computer)
  • Configurable Wi-Name and Password even through computer interface!

⌨️Keyboard / Mouse🖱️

  • Automatic connection to PC when near it
  • Adjustable RGB synced with PC


*Note, that this product may increase its price tag with any of these features finished!

  1. 🛡️Security App - For easy access to all CCTV cameras connected to the same network as a PC (Deadline EO 9/2022)
  2. 🃏BlackJack - Adding BlackJack game for Casino page inside Web Browser (Deadline EO 9/2022)
  3. 🔊Sound System - Adding sound system with simple sound effects to make the asset more vivid (Deadline EO 9/2022)
  4. 🕑Simple time system asset - This will be included for free in all of my assets. Including the day/night cycle. I will still recommend using Ultra Dynamic Sky *(UDS), their time and weather system. I plan on adding quick integration with a simple switch between my Time System and UDS for weather icons at the bottom bar of the computer screen (Deadline EO 10/2022) *There is no collaboration between me and the creators of UDS, I simply like the asset and plan on adding integration support into my assets
  5. More applications - Per requests since launch but I already have a few in mind like 📁File Viewer (for music and images), 🖩Calculator (Don't really know if it is going to have some purpose), and 📅Calendar (for integration with number 3.) (No deadline yet, need to specify which applications first)
  6. Enhanced saving system -To keep the state of much more stuff than now after you close the game (Updated with each update)
  7. Multiplayer Support (No deadline yet, after everything above is finished. The asset is built with multiplayer in mind though)

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Technical Details

🛠️Technical Details:🛠️

Number of Blueprints: 11 (4 gameplay objects)

Number of Widget Blueprints: 12 + templates for quick use

Number of Structures: 6

Number of Enumerators: 5

Number of Assets: 5 (Computer, Wi-Fi Modem, Monitor, Desk, and CCTV camera)

100% Blueprint!

Input: Keyboard + Mouse, Gamepad

Network Replicated: No (Will be in a future release)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Version: 1.1.0

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