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Enviro 3 - Sky and Weather: Next-Gen Sky, Clouds and Weather for Unity!

Easy setup and perfected workflow!

A simple drag and drop setup makes it easy and fast to implement Enviro into your projects. The interface is carefully crafted for a fast workflow. Every setting can be controlled from a single inspector window. No more searching!

Built-in RP, Universal RP, HDRP

Enviro 3 supports all render pipelines out of the box.

Modular design

Enviro 3 was built from the ground up to be modular. Add or remove only the modules you need directly from the Enviro inspector. For example: Only need a volumetric clouds solution as you want to keep your own time, sky and lighting system? No problem! All features are optional!

Dynamic Skies

The included sky system was carefully crafted for the best performance and flexibility. Work with multiple color gradients instead of tweaking artificial numbers. It's simple to create unique and very realistic skies for your projects!


Realistic and easily tweaked lighting controlled by Enviro will bring your scene to life. Enviro can control your directional lighting, ambient lighting and reflection probe for best results - especially when using dynamic time of day.

Volumetric Clouds

Enviro 3 includes a dual layer volumetric clouds system. It offers stunning visuals with great performance thanks to temporal reprojection and LOD system. It also supports depth blending with your scene and screen space cloud shadows.

Fog and Volumetric Lighting

The dual layer exponential height based fog system is ideal for those visually stunning misty or even spooky scenes. It also supports volumetric lighting from the sun/moon to cast rays. Point and spot lights also will illuminate the fog! Effect removal zones can be created to remove fog, rain and snow from areas you don't need it.

Weather System

Enviro 3 includes an optional preset based weather system with support for biome zones. Create different presets for all kinds of unique weather states and smoothly change to those with one line of code.

Aurora Borealis

Need some northern lights for your cold nights? Enviro includes a beautiful and customizable aurora effect rendered in the sky shader.

Virtual Reality

Enviro 3 support single pass instanced rendering VR in Built-in and URP. Tested on my Rift HMD. HDRP VR support will be delivered in a future update.

Many more feature

There are many more features and those will build up over time. This is just the beginning of Enviro 3. For example:

  • Dynamic time of day system with calender.
  • Realistic sun and moon position simulation (lat/long)
  • Performant 2D clouds
  • Seasons simulation
  • Temperature simulation
  • Wetness and snow simulation
  • Particle effects managment
  • Audio management
  • Procedural lightning storms
  • Event system for your game logic

Community and support

Join our big and active discord community! I will be around every day to answer your questions or support request. Please feel free to send me your feedback and ideas for future improvements!

You also can send me an email for support at or even better join our discord channel:

Join Discord!

Current limitations I am working on

Unfortunately Enviro 3 still has some limitations, but I am giving my best to add/fix those in future update!

  • Multi-Pass VR rendering might not work correctly with every combination.
  • HDRP VR is currently not supported but will be added in a future update!

How to Download Asset

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